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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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presidential debate. and the red is generating a lot of green for the bay area. plus, the stronger storm headed our way. that's next. right now at 11:00, no rain, no more. from the bay area to sierras. rain and snowmaking a much-needed comeback. also, we have developing news in reno. a wildfire forces thousands of people to evacuate. >> good evening, everyone. >> we needed this, after more than 30 days without rain. now, comes the soaking.
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>> we have team coverage for you tonight on the storm. jeff ranieri, tracking not one, but three storms at the weather center right now. >> we begin with cheryl hurd. stage one may be winding down. but is everyone ready for stage two? >> reporter: i don't know if everyone's ready for stage two. i am ready right now. the rain did come down pretty hard today. but it is, as you said, winding down, at least here in oakland. we did check in here at the oakland international airport, where rain and snow was on everyone's mind. the flights were canceled or delayed at oakland international. the latest winter storm made traveling challenging. >> our plane was delayed coming from spokane. so, stuck in all the snow. but we made it. >> the plane came in late from boise to denver to san diego. and we're a couple hours late here. >> reporter: and on the ground, in the bay area, there was rain. >> we need the rain. >> yes, i'm ready for it.
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as you can tell. yeah. >> reporter: it just started raining. >> it's nice. it's refreshing. >> reporter: rain is a welcome sight after 32-straight days of california sunshine. >> i'm from seattle. i don't carry umbrellas very often. i didn't even own an umbrella until i left seattle. this ain't nothing. >> reporter: every bit of rain we get now is a big deal. that's because it's been an unusually dry winter so far. there's been virtually no snow in the sierra. and every business that depends on the wet weather is waiting for a winter storm to come their way. but for joe, of san pablo, rain is bad news. >> we have all of the roof drains hooked up. it's running across. >> reporter: the hill behind his home and three of his neighbors' is sliding. and he's afraid rain from above and water underground, could spell trouble. >> hopefully, it won't move. but we don't know, you know, where more groundwater is coming
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from. >> reporter: so, as you can see, not everyone is welcoming the rain. let's check in, right now, with chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, in our nbc bay area weather center. jeff? >> as you reported tonight, it wasn't too disruptive to many people. but it's much- nlce,omot oe,y for the vegetation here in california. but for a lot of peopleot suffering from allergies. this is spelling big relief for us tonight. our first rain, as we have talked about, in 32 days. it's pretty much done with its first round. but we're tracking isolated showers, after picking up nearly an inch in san rafael. san francisco, 0.08. as you head south, the totals became uite a bit less. we're looking at showers in the north bay, across theca golden gate bridge, in san francisco, into san bruno. right at san francisco internationaairport. in the east baio it's dry right now. we can't rule out a few isolated
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showers. and the same for the south bay. let's take you up to lake tahoe. pretty good in afternoon. chain requirements in effect. winter storm warnings. we'll have more on the totals in the sierras coming up. and our storm system, what you can expect when the wind arrives. and what it's going to mean for the upcoming weekend and the big 49ers game. we have your forecast in a few minutes. we have some developing news we're following. a state of emergency near reno, tonight, where a wildfire, fueled by heavy winds has now destroyed 20 homes. new information. we're learning there's one death related to this fire. reno's fire chief gave a briefing a short while ago and says he doesn't know how that person died. and says that firefighters have been able to make some headway. evacuations have dropped from 10,000 to 2,000 people. here's dan on the fire line tonight. >> reporter: wind gusts of more than 80 miles per hour are
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fanning the flames. the fire, just south of reno, nevada, burns into the night. >> the news is not good. >> reporter: as many as 230 firefighters are battling the growing blaze. with as many as 120 more expected to join the fight this evening. >> firefighters are in the heat of battle right now. and they will continue to fight this fire, probably most of the night. >> reporter: the fire broke out just after 12:00 noon. and within four hours, had claimed five-square miles. fire officials working to get people and animals out of the fire's path. even vice president joe biden was forced to finish his speech at a local high school a bit early. >> they just told me if i don't let you guys get out of here relatively soon, they're going to make you get out of here. >> reporter: firefighters plan to work through the night, trying to beat back the flames. and hoping the winds will calm down. giving them the upper hand on the growing inferno. responding to false alarms
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is costing the san jose p.d. a pretty penny. and the department wants to pass on that cost to you. to the tune of $250 a pop. that's how much the department needs to charge per response just to break even. whether they're dispatch officers or not. the police chief sent a memo to the city council with those figures. adding that administrative fees could bring the total to 600 bucks per call in the near future. the current fine is $125 for the second false call. the first one is free. last year, san jose police responded to over 12,000 alarm calls. and 98% of those were false alarms. there's no shortage of drama or tears in this high-profile case. but ultimately, it's a family ripped apart by the legal system. a judge has ordered ross mirkarimi to stay away from his 2-year-old son and wife until this trial is over. here's jodi hernandez who was in
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the courtroom today. >> i love ross. i know what violence is. domestic violence is. and the real violence here is against me. >> reporter: an emotional and angry elena lopez, about a judge's order, barring her husband, having any contact with her or their 2-year-old son. amid domestic violence charges against the sheriff. >> i feel like i am -- and everybody's using my family, myself, in a political game. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty today. and the prosecutor asked he be kept away from his family. saying there's bruises he allegedly caused. but lopez got up in front of the judge, tearfully insisting she's not in any danger, as the sheriff himself broke down. >> mr. mirkrini did not --
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>> reporter: the sheriff did not get what he had hoped for. he hoped to go home to his family tonight. instead, he's been ordered to once again stay away. he'll be back in court on monday. in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the fight over sharing copyrighted content on the internet, mostly movies and music, is intensifying on the next level battlefield, cyberspace. the hackers known as anonymous is taking credit for its largest attack ever, on the same day that justice officials arrested leaders of the site anonymous hackers say they briefly stopped websites on the u.s. department of justice, the fbi and several companies. lawmakers are considering anti-piracy legislation, that
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would give copyright holders the legal power to go after rogue sites, such as megaupload, that hosts pirated content. the hefty backpacks your kids lug to school could soon get a lot lighter. apple's ibook 2 is a free app that supports digital textbooks. the app allows students to highlight text, make notes and view video. cupertino-based apple, has plans to work with colleges and universities. the tech giant has partnership deals with many textbook publishers. critics argue the hefty price tag after on ipad will prevent many schools and school boards from going digital anytime soon. he was missing for nearly a week. but an alzheimer patient disappeared. it's where he ended up that might surprise you. >> and i am appalled that you
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would begin a presidential debate on a topic like this. >> also coming up, he is firing back. the controversial question in tonight's gop debate that had newt gingrich lashing out. and dollar signs from vegas to the bay area. this weekend's 49ers game is big money. what some restaurants are doing and how much money is being bet. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. our rain today, just the beginning of a few storms moving into the bay area. today, 52 in san jose. and 50 in san francisco. tonight, mainly cloudy for the south bay. we'll talk about that second and stronger system coming our way in just minutes.
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awkward and angry moments in tonight's gop debate. former house speaker, newt gingrich, lashed out at the moderator of the debate, after the first question about allegations that he asked his ex-wife for an open marriage so he could keep his mistress. >> i think the destructive, vicious, negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to attract decent people to run for public office. and i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> gingrich's rivals passed on comments on an nbc story featuring the speaker's former second wife, marianne. in the interview, she said gingrich asked him to share the
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marriage with another woman, gingrich's third wife, callista. >> to have an open marriage? >> shortly after the debate began, gingrich shared his tax filings. he renewed his calls for mitt romney to release his own tax records, as well. the four leading gop candidates, including rick santorum and ron paul, clashed over the temperament, character to lead the gop election. the south carolina primary is saturday. this story is raising eyebrows from coast-to-coast. he was found safe 3,000 miles from home. 81-year-old jude hunter was discovered in new york city, about a week after he disappeared from newark. newark, here in the bay area. hunter was reported missing after he never returned to his residential care home following a doctor's appointment. earlier this week, a doctor in manhattan notified newark police that hunter had been found safely.
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police are investigating why and how hunter traveled to the east coast. a follow-up on a story we brought you last night. a blog that put mountain view-based google under an investigative microscope has been taken down. the website was made with google's blogger tool. and it glorified killing police officers. yesterday, detectives went to google's campus with a search warrant, in an attempt to find out who put up the blog. the sheriff, saying the site applauded one of the deaths of his deputies killed in the line of duty last week. google isn't commenting on the specific case. but a spokesperson said google will generally take down a site if it violates policies. there's plenty of red and gold. but don't forget about the green. money is a huge factor this week. who is spending, who is betting and who is cashing in? let's bring in george kiriyama from san jose. as they say in las vegas,
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there's a lot of action on the line this weekend. >> reporter: oh, yeah. it's going to be one, big money weekend in the bay area, with the niners in the nfc championship game. expect a lot of spending and betting going on all over the place. the 49ers and the nfc championship game means dollar signs. there's money to be won here. >> america loves to wager on football. >> reporter: jay runs the sports book at the las vegas hotel and casino. this sunday, he expects fans to make five-figure bets on all of the teams playing. some may wager up to $50,000 on one game. and the total amount wagered is a pretty good chunk of change. >> there's probably around $30 million to $40 million wagered on this game. >> reporter: and speaking of money, fans are forking out the greenbacks for merchandise. >> if there's a label, it's
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selling. anything they can get their hands on. jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hat, it's going. >> with the record that the niners have, it wasn't prompting me to get some gear. but now, with the record, i'm here. >> my son is a 6-year-old die-hard. and i told him, when the niners win, we're going. >> reporter: and making money off the niners game is as american as apple pie. san francisco wine bar dalluva is celebrating with drink specials. >> we're doing a special promotions this sunday. come in for $20 pitchers of beer. $10 hot wings. >> reporter: not to be outdone, rookie's sports lodge in san jose, is pulling out a super bowl platter of meat. >> one of the pulled pork. and three cases of the ribs to be. >> reporter: that's 160 pounds of ribs. and 180 pounds of pulled pork. it's going to be one, big football party at rookie's. >> i thought we had something
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crazy with the giants world series. i don't know. i don't know what to expect. it could be insane. >> reporter: and check this out. this is a t-shirt the staff here will be wearing this sunday. the fun will begin at 10:00 this morning here inside rookie's. and the owner just said, it's going to be insane. and if the niners win it, it could turn to pandemonium inside this place. live in san jose tonight. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. this is a welcome sight. fresh powder falling in the sierra tonight. it's creating dangerous diving on highways. emergency crews are reminding drivers they need to take it slow and be prepared with chains. have plenty of gas. carry food and water just in case. just about a week ago, we were talking about lake tahoe area stopped selling ice cream because it was so warm. jeff, take it away. >> it's hard to believe because
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we've had record-setting temperatures, last week. right now, we're starting to wind down from that system that did provide that quick blast of rain in the afternoon and early evening. winter storm warning up here for tahoe. we'll get a look at the snow in a second. let's look at where we're finding rainfall, from richmond, to san francisco. light return. and that's the nature of what we'll see as we head into tomorrow morning. some spotty showers on your commute. you may be driving, not have anything at all. and come up against a little of a light shower. the roadways, very slick. 32 days without rainfall. and it is bringing up quite a bit of oil on the roads right now. winter storm warning in effect here across lake tahoe, where into saturday, we could see over a foot of snow. temperatures in the 30s. it's going pretty good on interstate 80, also on highway 50. numbers right now, despite the fact that this is a cold storm system, not nearly as cold as it was earlier this week, when we had teens and low 20s. cloud cover capping off that
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heat. 49 in san mateo. and 49 in san francisco. on your weather headlines tomorrow, we'll find a slight chance of an isolated shower. and friday, it's mainly here for the afternoon, as that second and stronger storm system arrives. ahead, it will be a mixed bag for the weekend. sun and clouds and isolated thunderstorms. here's that system we had today. it's starting to weaken. but quickly on the heels of that last system. here's the outer bands of the system that's starting to develop out here in the pacific. it's winding up. and we're looking at it to be a little bit more intense here once that pushes into the pacific northwest for us tomorrow. so, as that frontal boundary passes, what we're going to find as we head throughout our forecast by the afternoon, is winds that could be anywhere between 15 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures, staying in the 50s. and then, as we look at saturday's forecast, we'll have a slight chance of thunderstorms. your timeline for tomorrow. mainly starting off cloudy, with an isolated shower or two. and as we head throughout the afternoon hours, that's when we
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start to see that rain coming back here, from the north bay to the south bay. we would even get in on stronger rain from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. that's when we could see the totals really start to ramp up. we may even see across the santa cruz mountains about an inch of rainfall. upwards of an inch in the north bay. for the south and east bay, it will range from a quarter to a half-inch throughout this point. tomorrow night, the second storm arrives. and a third system, as we head into sunday evening. for tomorrow morning, we're going to start off with 42 in santa rosa. 44 in san rafael. mid-50s tomorrow. everywhere you go, it's going to feel just about the same when it comes to the temperatures. and how about that game at 3:30. still a chance of rainfall. it does not look like a major storm system. but it's something that the players are already practicing for. on your seven-day forecast, you'll see the temperatures staying in the 50s as we head throughout saturday and sunday.
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so, we'll find that heavier rainfall throughout the afternoon on friday, with that stronger storm system. isolated thunderstorms on saturday, with a mix of sun. and as we head throughout sunday, that third system arrives for some areas of rainfall for the 49ers game. and a few showers on monday. all right. it's time for our watch and win give away. tonight's winner is darryl smith of richmond. you want to enter to win, go to our facebook page. watch us tomorrow to see if you have won tomorrow's giveaway. it's a 60-inch l.e.d. tv. >> and that comes with an umbrella. >> well -- i know somebody named darryl. but i don't think he would. yu never know. coming up, a first look at what could be the hottest 49ers gear after sunday's game. [ male announcer ] for some reason
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there's a lot of 49ers hype. but this is miles compared to what will happen if the niners win on sunday. we're getting a sneak peek the championship t-shirts the 49ers will be wearing if they beat the giants. >> this is the locker room shirt. it's the one the fans want. >> the players' will be a lot bigger than the normal ones. >> unless you wear it for pajamas. >> this is a look at the nfc championship apparel. this is just samples now. if the niners do win, everyone reports for duty on sunday night, to print more than 20,000 of these official nfl t-shirts for shelves monday morning. the company in san francisco, printed official t-shirts for the five super bowl titles previously. and they want to make sure it's number six. >> if we show up on sunday to help them, do we get one? >> you mig >> a free. >> a key player back in uniform for the 49ers. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's
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welcome back to nbc bay area. count them. five super bowl rings for the niners. and they're only two wins away from adding to their bling bling selection. 49ers host the new york giants in the nfc championship game sunday. kickoff is set for 3:30. as we reported yesterday, walker is back in action. the 49ers tight end had the wires removed from his broken jaw and has been fitted with a bigger helmet for protection. walker may have been the mvp of the game the last time the niners faced the giants in november. this time around, mother nature could take that honor. >> jim harbaugh is giddy about the dark sky lingering over the practice field. >> if you're going to fight in the north atlantic, you have to prepare in the north atlantic.
11:28 pm
they're anticipating rain on sunday. >> reporter: the 49ers near-perfect season has been accompanied by near-perfect weather. they've only played on the field when rain pelted the field leading up to the game with arizona. the forecast for the nfc championship game has worked its way into the 49ers' game plan. >> we have bad weather. you picture that field all mudded up. and you go through contingencies in your mind. >> reporter: however wet that field may be, there are clear advantages to both sides of the ball. >> i think the receivers probably have an advantage on the defensive backs because they know where they're going. and the defensive backs have to react. >> when it gets wet, you need longer cleats. and a lot of the players don't like that because they feel it slows them down a little bit. >> reporter: with both teams experiencing the same conditions, it still comes down to which team plays better. >> it doesn't matter. they're going to run the ball and play-action. they're not going to change who they are and what they do at this time of the season. >> reporter: tom rathman doesn't
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appear to be taking chances. the conditioning coach is requiring his running backs to wear three-quarter inch cleats on sunday. rathman won two super bowls. they're not about to doubt their coach now. in santa clara, nbc bay area. over to the ice. sharks hosting the senators. three minutes into the first period. andrew desjardins passes to lincastor. antti niemi. we're tied at 1-1. second period, power play for ottawa. collin green takes his time on the wing. and lets it fly. short side, past niemi. sharks lose to the senators for the first time in their last six meetings. 4-1, is the final. just getting warmed up. tomorrow, much more 49ers playoff coverage. >> of course. >> very and. an the new york giants fly into
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town tomorrow. thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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the busiest man in our newsroom, jeff ranieri. >> three systems in three days. the first one arrived today. tomorrow evening, a half-inch to an inch expected. and then, a third system as we head into sunday for the 49ers game. still a chance of rain exists for that as we head into sunday. >> drive safely tomorrow. have a great night and the day ahead of you. >> bye-bye. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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